There are several pages that at least feature something
related to the "carry phenomenon". New additions are in red :-)
Brand new site with pics/clips from germany. Great guy as well :-)

Sleepy fetish from GB. They often do arm carries and they do them very good !

Asian site with a focus on carries, also arm carries :-) Very nice work there !

Evangeline does very fine sleepy fetish movies with arm carries (and is a nice girl as well *g*)

New site from the guy(s) that run(s) the mighty Chloroforum. Catering absolutely all sleepy related topics. A MUST !

My latest contribution to the sleepy community. Check it out !

Actually stole a lot of pictures from this absolutely great site. Comic book knockouts of all sorts and a great guy that still has to sue me :-)

As I found out, many arm carry fans have a thing for female feet...
maybe this site offers something you like.
Dennis“ new XXXGroup about unconscious arm carries. You can purchase his great movies there !

Allan“s site about unconscious girls with videos and many pictures. Also the home of Grayle“s great arm carry database !

Wayne“s site for all the OTS carry lovers out there.

John and his pals have everything for the sleepy and arm carry lover. Regular updates and great stuff ! (MSN Group)

Ellenvannin“s MSN Groups with a focus on sleepy and arm carry scenes from mainstream TV and movies.

Dennis“ MSN Group where you can order his great carry/sleepy movies. Check it out !

German Sleepy Forum

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