Hi people ! Back in the good old days of B-Movies , pulp magazines or comics you could sometimes see a scene like the one to the left: A monster or robot carrying off a fainted heroine in his arms. Find out more about the "carry phenomenon" here !


"Why do we need a site about this ?", you might ask. Easy: Because I say so :-) To be honest: When I first got on the net I found out that there were many sites dealing with whatever stuff you go for, but no site about this special liking of mine. So I built this page for people like me (if there are some out there...). So if you are into this stuff as well, let me carry you away...

Update informations:

06 July 2024: Finally regained access to this site, at the moment it's not updated anymore.I am still alive and active out there and will decide soon if and how to continue this. Stay safe!


Enjoy whatīs there while itīs there !

("IN MY ARMS" is online since 25.02.02)

Click here for my Poser and AI-art stuff at "deviantart". Maybe you want to take a look :-)

Be patient, something might happen here soon...

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This is my first humble attempt at building a homepage. Please donīt expect too much ;-) If you got something to say (or even pics for the site), send a mail to or use the Guestbook.